Carematic Care Center

is our flagship product.  As an on-line application, Care Center automates and enhances many of the information-oriented tasks involved in providing care to people with developmental disabilities.  Care Center runs on Carematic's servers, and is securely accessible from anywhere on the internet using a standard web browser.

Carematic Care Center Unifies your Organization

by providing a central on-line site for all planning, documentation, reporting, and staffing functions.  Using Carematic Care Center, you can monitor your organization from anywhere, and can instantly assess the status of consumers, homes, workplaces, vehicles, and staff.  Care Center allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization on a moment by moment basis, even when your organization is spread across a wide geographical area.

File and View Incident Reports from Anywhere

Carematic Care Center provides a simple incident reporting interface that is easy to use by both direct care and program staff.  Care Center guides you through all the steps required to collect incident data for quality assurance and state filings.  Care Center then allows you to search, sort, retrieve, and classify incidents to help you analyze how well your organization's running.

Stay in Touch with Cell Phone Alerts

You can receive notification via your cell phone, PDA, or email to tell you when events occur.  You'll always be informed, because Care Center let's you know when there's something that needs your attention.

Help Staff Communicate More Effectively

Care Center's secure messaging is like email, but is a closed system. As such, it implements a higher degree of accountability and is not subject to abuses like spam.  Using Care Center's secure messaging, you can eliminate paper memos, phone tag, and "didn't get the message" problems, because Care Center  tells you exactly when each person read each message.  Care Center archives all messages forever, making them useful as reference documents.

Care Center's messaging and incident reporting systems ensure that people in your organization are always in touch with the most important aspect of their jobs: providing care to people.  Care Center's systems promote communication between directors, coordinators, weekday and weekend direct care staff, nurses, and other professionals in your organization, providing each staff member with a custom view of information about the individuals they serve.

Generate and File State Reports Electronically

Carematic Care Center makes it easy to collect the information you need to file incident and other reports to state regulatory agencies.  Using Care Center's report-generation system, you can export incident data directly into state forms for electronic filing.  Currently Maryland DDA forms (Appendix 4, 5, 6, and 7) are available, with others coming soon.

Additionally, you can generate your own reports using Care Center.  Since Care Center stores complete consumer and staff demographic information, information about relationships between people, and a complete history of documents, communications, and incidents, you can create reports for a wide variety of different purposes. 

Improve Care of Individuals

Bringing your organization on line produces positive effects at every level of the organization, all resulting in an improved care experience for the individual served.  People in your organization will spend less time on paperwork while producing higher quality documentation than they could before.